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Save Time With the Skin and Hair Express Treatment

By: Lydia Sarfati
Posted: May 1, 2013, from the May 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
The Skin and Hair Express Treatment

The Skin and Hair Express Treatment.

Many of today’s spa clients want head-to-toe services in a New York minute. They also want a one-stop shop for all of their beauty needs; they do not want to hop around from hair salon to spa to nail salon. If “I-need-it-now” clients make up a large portion of your clientele, consider expanding your current business into a departmentalized beauty mecca. With this model, clients receive all the services they are seeking and spa owners see the financial benefits of offering a full-service solution.

Only one element is missing: the bridge between hair and skin. Spas have the opportunity to bring the hair and skin categories together so that clients can get the most out of their visits. Logistically, it can be unpleasant to shuffle clients from department to department; instead, consider allowing them to stay in one place. Bring the services to them, creating a time-efficient and truly relaxing atmosphere.

With this time-efficient concept, busy clients can have hair and skin services simultaneously. While a hair mask is working, allow your clients to experience a rejuvenating facial and hand treatment. By providing a hair, skin and hand treatment together in just 30 minutes, clients don’t have to choose. They will love results, and you will love the way it grows your business.

How to do it

Installing a beauty bar is an important component of bridging hair and skin for time-efficient treatments, allowing clients to experience professional skin care services while sitting upright in a chair, without having to disrobe. Even though a beauty bar is commonly located in the spa’s main lounge or reception area, make the effort to treat clients with as much care and indulgence as possible so they can sample the spa experience.

Build a beauty bar. All you need are chairs with headrests and a barlike area for your express facial treatments. It should ideally include all the supplies needed for express facial and hair treatments—single-dose, pre-measured packages of products used, helping the express treatment to move along seamlessly from treatment to treatment, within the allotted time.