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Japan's New Beauty Trend: Snail Facials

Posted: July 22, 2013
Snail Facials

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These little celeb snails are fed an all-organic diet — carrots, Japanese mustard spinach, and Swiss chard — and are always kept in a room set to 20 degrees Celsius. Of the five in-house snails, there are three "regulars" that are more frequently chosen for their superior mucus-emitting ability, the spa attendant said. [WSJ]

And even if you wanted to take the $243 treatment for a test drive, you'd have to wait in line. The beautifying powers of the snails are in high demand, and they're said to be fully booked for the next few weeks.

While it might sound weird to let slimy creatures leave a trail of goop all over your face, they're hardly the first living things to be enlisted for beauty purposes. Despite their potential to spread infectious diseases, pedicures using flesh-eating Garra rufa fish, which nibble off dead skin, are still as popular as ever:


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