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Getting the Facts Straight

By: Mark Lees, PhD
Posted: December 31, 2009, from the January 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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29% answered true; 71% answered false

Drinking alcohol can be a trigger for rosacea flares and sudden redness in people who already have rosacea, as can heat, sun, stress, spicy foods and even exercise. None of these actually cause rosacea however, and not all triggers affect all rosacea patients.

Rosacea, including phymatous rosacea, which causes the bulbous nose condition known as rhinophyma, is believed to be hereditary. Rosacea patients should avoid triggers that flare their condition, as continual flaring can make it worse.

While it is encouraging that many estheticians already knew the correct answers to these questions, it’s important for all skin care professionals to be skeptical about any statements they hear regarding skin care. The true answer to preventing myths and erroneous information is to keep from spreading it in the industry and to clients by learning the correct information at continuing education classes.