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6 Exfoliation Solutions to Rev-up Your Services

Herbology from Bioelements

Incredibly versatile, the dual-action Chinese herbal granules in Bioelements Herbology can be used from head-to-toe: they’re the everywhere-exfoliator.

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“How can I re-energize and rev-up my spa menu services?” It’s a question I often hear from spa professionals. And this time of year, exfoliation is my answer. Clients are searching for solutions for dry, aging skin, breakouts, clogged pores and sluggish skin. Exfoliation can help with each one.

But not just any exfoliator. Of course, you already have separate physical and chemical exfoliators, which can help shed dead cells as they get trapped on the skin’s surface. My total- service solution is a completely unique, ancient technique that harnesses both physical and chemical exfoliation in one single action.

Give your services a jump-start with Bioelements cult-favorite, Herbology. Incredibly versatile, these dual-action Chinese herbal granules can be used from head-to-toe: they’re the everywhere-exfoliator.

Herbology is comprised of four Chinese herbs that provided both physical and natural chemical exfoliation. The granules are moved across the skin with an oil-based formula to provide a physical exfoliation, then dissolve and melt into skin when water is introduced, releasing natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).

Bioelements Chinese Herbology has the following benefits.

  • Provides dual physical and natural chemical exfoliation.
  • Water-soluble granules dissolve on contact in creams or water-based gels.
  • Granules stay firm and will not dissolve in oil.
  • Granules "melt" into the skin, releasing natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).

Use Bioelements Herbology in six ways: in a facial, as a Fast Results back treatment; as a body polish; and in microtreatments on the hands, feet and elbows. With 40 scoops in a jar, a little goes a long way, reinvigorating your entire service menu.

Ready to see how Herbology is the single-product solution to rev up all your services, and exfoliate from neck-to-toes?

Use Herbology in facials

1. Bioelements Chinese Herbology Facial

Give clients a dual-action retexturizing facial to deliver both physical and chemical exfoliation, leaving skin smoother, brighter and completely revitalized. Using the Bioelements Custom Blend Facial protocol as your guide, swap in these melting granules and create an entirely new facial service.

Use Herbology on the back

2. Bioelements Fast Results Brilliant Back

Give your clients’ back the spotlight with this 30-minute facial on the flipside. Follow the Bioelements Custom Blend Facial protocol as your guide and switch a few formulas to create an entirely new service.

Use Herbology in body treatments

3. Bioelements Herbology Body Polishing Massage

Smooth and retexturize from neck to toes with polishing Chinese granules that leave skin silky smooth, revitalized and comfortable for days. This is an alternative for clients who are contraindicated to a wrap due to pregnancy, claustrophobia or other medical issues. This entire treatment can be performed in 30 minutes.

Use Herbology as an add-on microtreatment

4. Chinese Herbology Elbow Rescue: 10-minute microtreatment

Get rough, tough, scaly elbows super smooth with this fast-action add-on treatment.

5. Bioelements Chinese Herbology Hand Renewal: 10-minute microtreatment

Turn back the hands of time with this 10-minute microtreatment. Perform this during the Power Mask step of any facial treatment. It may also be used during a spa manicure or pedicure.

6. Bioelements Chinese Herbology Foot Renewal: 10-minute microtreatment

To smooth, soften, relieve tension and revitalize the feet. Perform during the mask phase of any facial treatment. It may also be used during a spa manicure or pedicure.

See Herbology in action by watching our video on YouTube. You can learn more about Herbology and the entire Bioelements professional skin care line when you sign up as a professional at Chat with me and other Bioelements experts at, don’t miss our skin care blog at and sign up for our newsletter to get tips, news and offers from Bioelements.


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