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Aging With Edge

By: Annet King
Posted: June 16, 2008, from the August 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Start by making efforts to remove ageist messages from your skin care environment. Is everyone who works in your spa 25 or younger, impossibly perky and a size 2? This is alienating to the largest percentage of your real clientele. Are all of the images of women used in your advertising, on your Web site, in marketing materials and on displays frozen with nary a silver hair or a laugh line? Consider your client who is contemplating her first face lift the next time you design a new sales piece, redecorate your space or hire a new team member.

Don’t treat your clients’ signals of aging as a contagious disease, and don’t position every aspect of a treatment or every feature of a product as being a clock stopper. This utterly negates the value of their rich life experience at age 30, 40 and beyond. Allow your clients to celebrate every decade.