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Spa Spiritual Renewal: A Holistic Facial

By: By Jea'nah Jens
Posted: March 27, 2008, from the April 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Stand at the client’s side, breath deeply and gently start playing or turn on the music at a low volume. Let the music flow through you, creating a feeling of energy for the client that flows from their head to their feet. All the sound waves should combine to echo throughout the room and help inspire a sense of musical delight within the client.

Feathering. Feathering is an ancient shamanic art that can be incorporated into your facial therapy. Start looking around local shops and stores, as well as in nature, for beautiful bird feathers. Each bird has a unique coloration with encoded messages that can help balance and relax your clients.

Follow your instincts to decide where to start. Hold the feathers in a scooping position, then use them to cup and draw from the air. Adding an aromatic mist of steam at this point helps build the experience and deepen inner healing. The holistic experience will help your client to feel at peace, and the sensations felt in the body, mind and spirit can be quite powerful. For a fulfilling finale to the facial journey, blend the misting, feathering and sounding techniques to seal in the experience.

The third step

Your client’s skin and sense of well-being should be glowing by this point, so feel free to give her a mirror to allow her to view the transformation. This experience can now be taken back into the initial treatment area where the card reading was done, giving you and the client a chance to review the journey. Discuss all the insights that were gathered and how your client can weave these positive results toward a better tomorrow. Clients will appreciate a conversation about how the experience affected the improvements in their skin, as well as which products they will need to maintain this fresh, new look.