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Spa Spiritual Renewal: A Holistic Facial

By: By Jea'nah Jens
Posted: March 27, 2008, from the April 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Continue the soothing treatment with gemstone therapy, another procedure important to be properly instructed in before attempting to perform. It is a luxurious experience for clients to have handpicked precious gemstones such as crystal, amethyst and jade applied soothingly to their chest, neck and face, and this therapy is great for smoothing out the texture of the skin and helping to release unwanted tension and stress. Direct your breath, soft, melodic sounds and intuitive touch into areas that need the most attention, whether it be the scalp, face or even the feet. This encourages pathways to open for deep healing.

Also keep in mind that all the products you use during this treatment should harmonize with the seasons. This will help to keep your practices fresh, as well as your clientele coming back for more.

Sounding. The addition of sound healing in your treatment is quite a unique experience that your clients will likely enjoy immensely. Sound circulates on a cellular level, helping to clear emotional debris and instill positive memories into the body, which often makes for healthier skin. During this section of the treatment, the client has an opportunity to ride the waves of many different vibrational frequencies that will help to put them in tune with their own natural rhythm.

Use your intuition to guide you in which particular musical instrument you will play with each individual session, and choose a musical instrument that you are comfortable and resonate with. Drums and rattles are a great place to begin, as they are simple to play and can help to lull the heartbeat and shake away frazzled energy. More than one instrument also can be played during a treatment if you feel inclined, and you can also choose a CD or other recording to play if you feel it fits the mood.