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Spa Spiritual Renewal: A Holistic Facial

By: By Jea'nah Jens
Posted: March 27, 2008, from the April 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Once properly trained, begin the card reading itself. Uniquely arranged cards are laid out, awaiting one-on-one attention with your client. The conversation starts by acquiring information about what prompted the client to seek out this visit.

A very important step in card interpretation is formulating clear and precise questions to help access the most relevant information for the upcoming facial. Your clients will share stress factors in their lives that are leaving emotional holding patterns on their face. The answers lie in the card layouts, which match the questions that have just been discussed. The cards should reflect emotional issues that would leave signs on the face, such as stress or sadness. The client pulls the cards and turns them over. Their first reaction tells what underlying emotions have been stored in the facial tissues. Begin to use your intuition as an esthetician to determine the theme of the treatment, and the wisdom and clarity that flows through the reading will help to begin the healing process.


When first starting your card readings, choose a deck that feels right to you, whether it be affirmation cards or something more intricate. These cards—and many of the other supplies that are used in this facial treatment—can often be purchased at book stores, as well as at alternative shops.