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Readers Ask ... Results-oriented Treatments

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Posted: July 27, 2012, from the August 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Readers Ask ... is a column featuring the responses of industry experts to questions posed by the Skin Inc. audience regarding all aspects of the skin care industry, from business and ingredients to treatment protocol and legislation. Each month, a different question will be highlighted.

My clients want results-oriented treatments. What should I be looking for?

Peptides make sense because they are already recognized by the body as something natural, and that is why they are effective and nonirritating. Peptides essentially trick the skin into believing that too much collagen has been broken down, curbing the production of collagenase, and significantly improving the appearance of sagging and aging skin. They also reduce hyperpigmentation, improve acne and support hair growth.

—Christi Roberts Education Program Administrator GlyMed Plus Institute of Skin Science

Look for targeted care treatments with ingredients that have proven clinical results, and are safe, natural and effective. Seaweeds contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that easily absorb into the skin. Various sea plants have wonderful results from firming and smoothing to reducing oily shine. It is the ideal main ingredient.

—Lydia Sarfati CEO/Founder Repêchage