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Readers Ask ... Incorporating Peels

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Posted: January 30, 2012, from the February 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Clients today are looking for peels that have less downtime, so consider incorporating ones with vitamin A and/or gentle enzymes. Also, skin care facilities should try using terms such as resurface or cellular buffing to garner interest in their menus as sometimes the word “peel” may scare people.

—Kris Campbell, CEO, TecNiche

It is important to provide a variety of peels—including chemical, acid and enzyme—on your treatment menu in order to provide an option for every skin type with varying degrees of penetration and results. Facial peels are the perfect treatment for anti-aging and hyperpigmentation, and will bring fresh, youthful skin to the surface with minimal downtime and at an extremely reasonable price, which is exactly what every client is looking for.

—Lynn Ross, Founder and CEO, Institut’ DERMed

A basic refresh peel between10–15% AHA is a fantastic add-on to any facial, and unveils radiant skin by exfoliating surface layers and unclogging pores from everyday makeup residue and environmental elements. More intensive peeling can also be offered with a +15% AHA and salicylic acid combination. This targets anti-aging with intensive wrinkle-refining, plus skin pigmentation correction for targeted areas, mainly minimizing pores, plus skin pigmentation correction. You can charge $30 if using it as an add-on, or $90 as a 60-minute treatment according to skin type.