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Should Skin Care Stop at the Hairline?

By: Rhonda Allison
Posted: December 30, 2011, from the January 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Although these ingredients are vital, it’s important to take into consideration ingredient levels and how they are being combined. For example, the combination of phenyl butyl nitrone, coenzyme Q-10, thiotic acid, adenine and acetylcarnitine, has the ability to help increase mitochondria function and longevity in both the skin and hair, as well as promote stronger, thicker and fuller hair. Just as with skin care formulas, be sure to go beyond the ingredient deck and learn what, if any, research supports the formulation.

Treating hair in the treatment room

When taking into consideration that scalp is skin, and knowing that the same ingredients used in effective skin care can also improve hair health, it becomes clear that skin care professionals have a unique opportunity to help clients maintain total skin health. Clients come to you for skin issues on a regular basis, yet many skin care professionals tend to stop at the hairline. The scalp truly is a natural extension of what you do.

Just as with skin issues, thinning or damaged hair can have a significant impact on a client’s spirit. But the tools and information are now available to help clients achieve total skin health and, in turn, boost their confidence and overall well-being. Because clients are already in your treatment room, take the time to share your knowledge. Below are ways to make the conversation happen organically.

  • During a scalp massage or when putting on a client’s hair bonnet, ask what they use for hair care.
  • Place diagrams of the hair structure in your facility or treatment room.
  • If you notice acne or other skin issues spreading beyond the hairline, discuss a treatment plan.
  • Listen to cues from your clients: Are they already talking about hair loss with you?
  • Display hair care products in your facility with informational brochures about scalp and hair health.

This will take some effort on your part, since thus far clients have been conditioned to go to the salon for hair care. Remember, however, that hair begins at the scalp, which is in the realm of skin care, so you already have the tools and knowledge to effectively treat hair issues.