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Get Serious With Clients About Smoking

By: Barbara Salomone
Posted: December 1, 2011, from the December 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Smoking slows skin healing. Smoking delays the skin’s ability to regenerate. Wounds take longer to heal, and scars are more likely to form. Many good cosmetic surgeons won’t even operate on a smoker.

Even if you don’t see age signs yet, they can take up to 10 years to appear. This is a great fact for young clients who feel if they don’t see the damage yet, they don’t have to worry.

How to treat the smoking client

So how do you treat smoker’s skin—the dryness, lines and wrinkles on the cheeks, loss of firmness, lip lines and thin skin?

First, be frank with your clients. If they continue to smoke, their skin will continue to age prematurely. There is no miracle treatment or ingredient that will completely reverse the damage caused by years of smoking. However, for clients who are making the choice to save their skin, you can help with treatments that will rehydrate the skin, revitalize the complexion and deliver the needed oxygen that’s been robbed by cigarettes. See Smoker’s Skin Facial.

Oxygenate. Apply a targeted oxygenating treatment that’s formulated with stabilized hydrogen peroxide and essential oxygen that will infuse skin, and revitalize dullness and sluggishness. This will refresh smoker’s skin, and leave it smooth and hydrated.