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Facial Disfigurements Negatively Impact Job Applicants—With Exclusive Advice About How to Work With These Types of Clients

Posted: November 10, 2011

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Following is a list of things you should try to accomplish when working with clients who have facial disfigurements."

  • Use the right attitude and the right words.
  • Have the right mix of inventory for the appropriate camouflage makeup selection and correction.
  • Work to achieve The perfect balance of both camouflage and corrective makeup on the face.
  • A dash of a fun color can go a long way, such as a gorgeous new lipstick color.
  • Accessories are a great way to detract from a person’s facial appearance and call attention to them while not focusing on the face. Consider retailing pretty scarves, earrings and necklaces that strike up a conversation and are a good tool for calling attention elsewhere.
  • Help the client's heart by being mindful and work to convey an understanding, healing spirit.