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Help Clients With Facial Cleansing

Posted: August 11, 2011

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Helping clients choose a product: A general rule of thumb is to use a mild, moisturizing cleanser that removes oil and residue without leaving your skin dry, tight or flaky.

  • Do not use anything that contains deodorant, fragrance or antiseptic.
  • If you prefer a bar, only use one that is formulated for the face; these may be labeled beauty bars, facial soap, mild cleansing bars or sensitive skin bars.
  • Foaming facial cleansers work up a lather, are rinsed off and generally leave the face refreshed; they come as lotions, gels, creams and aerosols.
  • Nonfoaming cleansers are the mildest available because they use very little surfactant and are wiped off rather than rinsed; they come as cream, lotion, milk and the perennial cold cream, which dates to a time when the only alternative was harsh soap, but is now generally felt to be too greasy for all but the driest skin.
  • Scrubs and other exfoliating or buffing agents smooth the skin by removing dead skin cells, but most are too harsh and may cause redness and irritation. They should not be used on sensitive skin or more than once a week by anyone.
  • Toners and astringents are intended for use after cleansing to remove the last traces of makeup but they are unnecessary and often remove the natural oils that should remain on the skin.

Showing clients how to cleanse:

  • Clean your face twice daily if you have oily or normal skin, once a day if your skin is dry or damaged.
  • Use warm water; too hot or too cold will dry the skin and may cause flaking and itching.
  • Don't scrub! Lather your fingertips and use a gentle, circular motion to wash; rinse completely.
  • Don't rub to dry! Gently pat with a soft towel.
  • While your skin is still damp, apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type; this restores the moisture balance that cleansing upsets by removing surface oils.

"Beautiful skin is healthy skin," Goldburt reminds. "While it's important to maintain a high-quality skin care regimen, it's equally important to maintain good nutrition, drink plenty of water, eliminate skin-damaging habits like smoking and avoid excessive sun exposure. Also don't forget your sunscreen; your skin will reward you for it!"