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Machines With Multiple Functions

By: Maria Comfort
Posted: March 26, 2010

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Ultrasonic. Ultrasonic wave produces energy. When acting on the body, it stimulates the body’s cells, producing a tiny massage that expands the space in which the cells exist. It causes the movement of cytoplasm, the rotation of mitochondria, the vibration of cell nucleus, and stimulates and expands the cell membrane. Therefore, it can improve local blood and lymph circulation, increase the penetration of serums to the cells, and improve the metabolism and regeneration of body cells. Always use water or a water-based product with this machine.

Hot towel cabbie. These cabinets provide hot, wet towels to be used during facials.

Frekator. A frekator is a high-frequency pointed needlelike instrument used to remove skin tags and small moles.

Microcurrent. The nonsurgical facial machine is excellent for lifting the skin.

LED light. The light emitting diode (LED) repairs cells and helps to lighten the skin. It works well on bruises.