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Today's Flight to Quality

By: David Suzuki
Posted: October 26, 2009, from the November 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
stack of bills

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- $4 (Cost of goods)

- $32 (Esthetician cost)

$44 (Profit per service)

Dividing that $44 by $150, it would take 3.4 services to pay for the cost of the device for that year. In this scenario, the professional is projecting 10 mini services per week, or 520 per year, which equates to $22,880. Calculating this during the course of two years, the investment will yield $45,760.

Do note that for Internal Revenue Service (IRS) purposes, $300 is too small of a dollar amount to be considered an asset, and it would likely be categorized as a sundry or general supply, which you may realize on your tax filings. But regardless of whether your purchase is a large or small technology, if the rules of justifiable profitability are considered during your selection process, the benefit to your business can be significant. As with any investment, the larger it is, the greater potential for profit exists. However, the two previous examples also demonstrate that there are profits to be made at any level of investment.

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