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More Must-have Tools

Posted: November 26, 2008, from the December 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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The Wood’s lamp is very important when I’m teaching during chemical peeling treatments and looking for pigment is more superficial or deeper in the skin. It helps you analyze the skin during the consultation and you can see how evenly you’ve applied the acid. I still use a steamer if I’m doing extractions to soften up extractions, as well as magnifying lamps.

We use ultrasound in the office … it helps reduce swelling postsurgically, it helps to induce lymphatic drainage, speed up healing and reduce swelling, as well as to drive products into the skin. It helps stimulate collagen. This is the most up-and-coming.

Steamers will always be around for facials.

New tools are great for building clientele. A seasoned esthetician should be able to look at the skin and be able to tell, like the UV camera. That gives you documentation. UV cameras are going to become an industry standard to see what the treatments are doing. I think they do play a large role.

Skin analyzers will become the standard, it’s a really great way for clients to see what is going. It is great to have for the client, to build a clientele, to show them that you are making a difference for the skin. Often, we do before-and-after pictures with a digital camera. Clients say they haven’t seen that big of a difference and then you show them the picture. A lot of clients need to see that.