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By: Leslie Benson
Posted: August 21, 2008, from the September 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Although he says women tend to be more compliant when it comes to following cosmetic treatment protocol, Krupnick believes men are beginning to show interest in the market category as well. According to Priti Odedra, vice president of business development of the Revenir and Charme Skincare Systems, men are learning more about what they can do at home to reverse the signs of aging. “We’re finding men are more open to looking at a device-type process versus a gel or lotion,” she says. “Just the fact that it’s a gadget has helped us.”

Of course, with technology comes education, and Sauer and Odedra both agree they’ve noticed an increase in knowledgeable consumers wanting to reverse or prevent the signs of aging. Sauer says even teens are recognizing the advantages of anti-aging treatments and skin care devices. “Young people and men are a growing segment of our business, and we have to adjust the way we market our menus to these new categories if we want to attract them and make them feel at home,” Sauer says, adding that her own 11-year-old son asked for a spa massage for his birthday.

And if the market continues the way it is, perhaps next year he’ll ask for a handheld acne-zapping derm device.