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The Synergy of Technology and Experience

By: David Suzuki
Posted: June 26, 2008, from the July 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Newly engineered moisture content measurement devices that utilize an ultra-sensitive skin membrane sensor with bio-impedance direct current technology are quickly becoming the thermometer of the skin care professional. These are usually accurate, easy to use and very effective. Measurements commonly can be taken in various areas on the face to gain a comprehensive insight on the needs of each client. Each time that the client returns, measurements are taken again. The entire measurement process can be as quick as 2–3 minutes.

The findings of moisture analysis tell the story of the skin. Excessively dry on one side of the face may indicate occupational exposure to weather on one side, which can occur on clients who spend a lot of their time driving. It could also be representative of severely uneven product application, which can happen with clients who apply product to the fingertips, then to the face, beginning in one central location and working outward. Both situations can be easily remedied by providing specific application instructions, encouragement to use products consistently, and products that allow for additional protection and hydration where needed. Diet, internal hydration and other habitual daily occurrences are also significant factors in the moisture content of the skin, all of which can be brought to the client’s attention.

A moisture analysis is vital to gauge the progress and effectiveness of in-spa services and home care products, and allows for modifications to be implemented as needed. Because most progressive analysis tools measure in exact number moisture levels, they allow for tangible measurement terms to be communicated to the client for discussion.


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