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The Synergy of Technology and Experience

By: David Suzuki
Posted: June 26, 2008, from the July 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Becoming factual, supplying efficacy and defining what works clinically is not the exclusive right of laboratories, universities or the medical profession. Although a well-educated and experienced skin therapist will always remain the single most powerful epicenter of great-looking skin, this knowledge and experience needs to be combined with science in order to realize the benefits that the synergy can provide.

Vision and view. Although nothing will ever be able to replace the power of touch and how this interaction instinctually guides a skin care professional’s work, the accuracy of your professional results and at-home recommendations can be enhanced with better, more precise vision. The self-illuminated vision visors available are typically about the weight of a sun visor, and usually come complete with different magnification lenses to accommodate an array of analyses. Because they come with a built-in LED light, the system is like having a mag lamp with you at all times, allowing for a thorough consultation, and an ongoing visual assessment of the skin. If you wear glasses, think back to the amazing first week when you began to use them. Vision visors are the spectacles of the skin therapist, and allow the finite details that otherwise might go unnoticed to be viewed.

Another tool, viewing scopes, or magnified imaging, are nothing short of an eye-opener for the skin therapist, as well as the client, and they really serve as virtual mirrors because they can educate clients about skin function, home care and professional services. These tools allow skin care professionals to clearly dial in on the skin and bring a new meaning to the basic fundamental regimens of skin care, which can result in a significant improvement.

Viewing scopes have made great progress during the last decade with the availability of small, ergonomic designs that can be used quickly and effectively, providing as much as 200x magnification. Best of all, many come with self-illuminated lighting systems and quick-focus thumb wheels that allow the skin care professional to quickly and effectively define concerns.

Moisture analysis. Many simple, yet effective skin diagnostic tools are becoming readily available to the skin therapist, allowing for both significant and finite adjustments to service protocols, professional protocols and home care recommendations, increasing results, client satisfaction and the spa’s bottom line.