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The Machine Age

By: Annet King
Posted: June 24, 2008, from the February 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Another common reason for making such a purchase is the belief that you need to be more competitive. A spa owner you know has purchased the machine in question, and the buzz around town is that clients are clawing at the windows like wild beasts to make appointments. Take a deep breath and step back—these kinds of rumors are no reason to buy anything. It is possible that, at first, a new piece of equipment will generate an increase in bookings, especially if it is well promoted. But what about six months later? Most likely, you’ll be making payments for the machine a lot longer than that. In the long run, can you really justify the purchase?

It’s all about results

At the end of the day, the only reason to buy anything for your business is that it will produce a proven, positive impact and deliver results. Today’s client will not be content with a rub, a scrub and a tub, or a simple steam-and-cream. And she does not buy into the luxury-pampering-indulgence concept of 50 years ago—she doesn’t have the time to be strewn with rose petals and play Cleopatra.

Today’s client demands that her skin look better as the result of professional skin care treatments. If she simply wants to feel good, she’ll book an aromatherapy massage or just retire to her bed with a good book and a pot of jasmine tea. She requires results—not necessarily after a single visit, but certainly after a few. If your treatments are not delivering these visible, tangible effects, you most likely will lose her to the nearest medical spa or dermatologist’s office, where her hyperpigmentation and fine lines will be dealt with efficiently, albeit without a healing touch.

What you really need

To successfully integrate technology into your spa, you need reliable workhorse equipment that delivers results and that your team is comfortable using. It’s easy to get seduced by a new touch-screen feature or some other gleaming innovation, but are you absolutely certain that it’s right for you?

For instance, a solid galvanic system for desincrustation and product penetration, and electric brushes and vacuum suction for deep cleaning are tools that are crucial to completing a great professional skin care service. When combined with the proper products, the results can be significant, although the equipment is noninvasive. Direct high frequency as a germicidal application after a treatment is a simple, but powerful and useful, nonmanual element of ultimate skin care. The peltier—with one side deliciously warm and one side refreshingly cool—is another example of a simple, versatile tool that is highly effective. For instance, a peltier placed on the cool setting is fantastic for calming rosacea or resurfaced, irritated skin, especially when used in combination with anti-inflammatory products.