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Anti-aging and Technology: What Does it Really Mean?

By: David Suzuki
Posted: June 18, 2008, from the July 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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The more multifaceted a proven effective technology is, the more valuable. A way in which technology frequently is categorized is by using the words “stand-alone” or “accent.” Stand-alone means just that—the technology provides a multitude of proven benefits and rapid results that are visibly noticeable between the first and third service, independent of other technology. Accent technology also is very relative to its name—it is limited to and used as an accent or add-on service that generally is combined with other technology and science.

Although most manufacturers market their technology as a miracle that can turn back the hands of time, in reality, many tools that are available to today’s skin therapists fall into the accent category due to the limited results and the time frame in which they can be achieved.

Should an accent service be combined with a stand-alone service? Absolutely. Every service can use a splash. On the other hand, you never should market an accent service as a stand-alone service because when the client doesn’t receive the expected results, their perception of the spa diminishes, quickly depreciating every other service that is offered.

The science of anti-aging technology 

Technology offered to the skin therapist generally is very limited when it comes to efficacy and science. There are many claims, yet very few direct efficacy studies are available to establish the mechanisms that support them. This also holds true for the specific devices that supposedly realized the claimed benefit.

It is easy for most companies to make a claim and create a brochure or a Web site to deliver the message. However, very few manufacturers have the facts, studies and educational curriculum to support their claims. If you are interested in purchasing a technology from a supplier, it is crucial to ask more than just the basic questions. This will quickly differentiate the vendors that you may be considering for age-defying tools. Following are the layers of information that you should gather before purchasing an anti-aging modality.