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Lasers and Lights--A Technological Revolution

By: Jeffrey Dover, MD, and Amy Kamin
Posted: June 6, 2008, from the January 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Several nonablative techniques are available to help treat sagging.

Radio frequency. Radio frequency is a type of energy that, when introduced to the skin, converts to heat that tightens collagen. It can be delivered as a point source (monopolar) or through two rails (bipolar). The number of treatments required and the discomfort of treatment varies depending on the device and energy used. Improvement is seen during treatment and it is maximal six months after treatment.

Infrared light. Infrared light uniformly heats the dermis and shrinks collagen, thus tightening the skin. These treatments are comfortable. Several procedures usually are recommended and similar to FotoFacial RF treatments. Maximal benefit usually is six months after a series of treatments.

The aging process

The visible signs of the aging process are inevitable with maturity. As long as consumers continue to search for youth, manufacturers will continue to develop new technology to address their concerns, and physicians will continue performing cutting-edge procedures. New technology will continue to be introduced into the marketplace. In some cases these will be improved versions or next generations of popular existing devices, but in other cases these will completely replace current treatment modalities. The advantages and challenges of technology are that it changes at a rapid speed and requires both the physician and the patient to be educated and adaptable. All of this is intended to win the battle against the natural aging process, surpassing a patient’s expectations of cosmetic surgery and ultimately creating a youthful, natural appearance.