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Gain a Competitive Edge With Microcurrent

By: Stephanie Frey
Posted: August 29, 2011, from the September 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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According to the website of Jeremy E. Kaslow, MD, results can vary by individual and skin type, are gradual, and will not just happen overnight. Some clients notice a difference after the first treatment; others may notice it after three or four treatments. The effect is cumulative, becoming more pronounced after each treatment. The skin and facial muscles become noticeably tighter and more toned with each treatment. About 60–80% of the changes created in one treatment last for the next four to seven days. However, if not treated regularly, the muscles may return to their former configuration.

Although the number of treatments in a series will vary depending on the client’s desired results, the type of equipment used and the complexity of condition, a guideline would be twice per week for the first month, once per week for the second month, or until desired result is achieved, and then once every four to six weeks for maintenance. Although it may be tempting for clients to neglect their check-up visit, gravity, toxins, illness and natural aging will eventually deplete the ATP stockpile if not properly stimulated, so you should emphasize the importance of follow-through to maintain results.

In summation, microcurrent is a versatile device that should be in every skin care professional’s tool box. It offers unlimited possibilities, yet is currently underutilized in the skin care industry. Are you ready to embrace this technology and gain a competitive edge?

General References

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