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Oxygen Facials: Red-carpet Services or Serious Skin Care?

By: Craig Wenborg
Posted: April 29, 2011, from the May 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
oxygen facials

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Oxygen for rosacea. The rosacea client will develop flareups when under dietary or emotional stress. These clients will require three to six sessions to gain control of their condition. It is highly recommended that the nebulizer technique be used. Nebulization carries oxygen deeper into the dermis to get to the deep blood vessels of this condition.

Oxygen for skin healing. Topical oxygen mist is used medically to promote the healing of burns. The foundation of topical oxygen mist is a sterile saline solution. Burn care can begin with the application of sterile saline oxygen mist directly to the injured tissue. Oxygen mist inhibits microbial action while promoting accelerated metabolic activity and healing. The gentle nature of nebulized oxygen makes this application a preferred method.

Serious skin care

Oxygen facials can fit into skin care businesses as stand-alone treatments or as components of your signature service, and they go beyond red-carpet services. Oxygen facials can help you deliver serious skin care to clients, offering results for a variety of conditions in both day spa and medical spa environments.


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