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Boost Retail Sales With Hand-held Equipment

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: January 5, 2011, from the January 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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“You shouldn’t be afraid; you should supply hand-held at-home equipment to clients, otherwise they will get them somewhere else. You should embrace change, move with it and see that this is what the consumer wants. The professional needs to get onboard,” says Suzuki.

Embracing at-home hand-held equipment that you’ve researched, used and fully support can keep that retail cash in your spa and not at a beauty discount website. Sandra Donovan, owner of Donovan’s Serenity & Wellness Spa in Alpena, Michigan, has enjoyed a significant retail boost from offering hand-held technology in her spa by mastering the way to work with it in a spa setting. “We emphasize the need for training and knowledge, and we are able to provide repair services if clients have problems with the equipment. We do a lot of business,” she says.

Part of the secret of her success is using the device during treatments. “We use it in our facial room, which opens the door to talk about the effectiveness of the device and how it works. We do this during every facial, and make sure clients have a brochure about the device when they leave,” says Donovan, who also offers a 10% discount on skin care products with each device purchase to try to compete with lower prices that can be found on the Internet and in mass-market venues.

Akridge also believes that incorporating hand-held equipment into spa treatments can result in a stronger, not weaker, rapport between clients and spa professionals. “Spa professionals can use hand-held devices during facials and sell them to clients in order to maintain their skin health and have an active role in their skin care. They help clients’ skin look better. Instead of chasing clients away, it’s strengthening their relationship with you.”

The bottom line, says Donovan: “Encourage the support of local businesses and work hard at providing customer service. Our clients know we’ll stand behind our retail and will be there if they have questions.”

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