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Anti-aging: It's a Choice

By: David Suzuki
Posted: October 27, 2010, from the November 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Life category: Anti-aging skin care

Affirmation: I want younger, firmer, smoother-looking skin without surgery. My specific concerns are the texture and color of my skin; the lack of elasticity in my skin; drooping muscles—especially above the eyes; and the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. (Include a picture of a person who meets these criteria.)

Practical real-life action items:

  • Microdermabrasion: series of three services during five weeks, followed by one service every eight weeks thereafter.
  • Microcurrent and LED: series of 10 services during five weeks, followed by one maintenance service every month thereafter.
  • Oxygen infusion: used between microcurrent and LED during the 10 service series, as well as with monthly maintenance thereafter.
  • Ultrasonic peeling: used during every professional service where microdermabrasion is not taking place.
  • Strictly use the prescribed daily and nightly skin care regimen without deviation.
  • The cost of your initial series (five 90-minute services): $1,000
  • The cost of your monthly required maintenance facials thereafter: $180
  • The cost of your initial home skin care package will be in the $400–700 range, with a monthly expense averaging $200–300 thereafter. (Your client is likely already spending this on a variety of different skin care products.)

It’s not cheap, but this is the reality of the situation. Clients will spend as much as $1,700 during their first visit and also make appointments for their series of services through five weeks. From that point forward, they will need to come in once per month for a maintenance service and to keep up with their home care skin regimen. The two together may average as much as $480 per month, with an annual total in the range of $6,500. This may seem like a lot; however, will ensure the best age-defying skin care available and still remains considerably less expensive and equally—if not more—effective than most invasive alternatives. As importantly, it clearly defines the client’s requirements and commitment to this life category, which is really a lifestyle and should be considered in the client’s overall annual budget.

Commitment and priority

Remember that life is a perpetual series of choices. In the absence of a life map, your choices are baseless. Baseless choices are an expeditious proven pathway to become a product of your environment, rather than the the creator of your environment. Which sounds better to you?

David Suzuki is the president of Bio-Therapeutic, Inc., and has been an active licensed member of the esthetic and beauty industries for more than 19 years. These many years of experience in all facets of the spa environment—from hands-on to management—have helped prepare him for a greater understanding of the industry. Suzuki joined Bio-Therapeutic, Inc. in 1992 and has become an authority on technology and regulatory issues, including U.S. Food and Drug Administration submission and acquisition.