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The Power of Cosmetic Color Analysis

By: Jaclyn Peresetsky
Posted: May 30, 2014, from the June 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
The Power of Cosmetic Color Analysis

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When a client comes in for a color analysis, they receive a color chart. This gives a visual of all of their best makeup choices for the season and the names of each individual product. All of their information is also captured in online business management software. Their client profile includes any products they have purchased or are interested in. Clients recommend this service to their friends, increasing referrals, and it opens the door to skin care conversations, as well. Clients love that they can look current by complimenting their own personal color harmony. They comment on how simply changing to the right colors makes them look years younger and effortlessly put together.

Clients who visit skin care facilities are generally image-conscious. They expect professionals to help them look their best. Offering free makeup applications at the end of every skin care service is a fantastic way to introduce the color analysis service, as well as ensure they look polished for the remainder of their day. Depending on the season, retail displays should be created that incorporate current color trends. Displaying before-and-after photographs in a book in the waiting area is also an easy way to peak interest for color analysis. Also, memberships can be created for clients—choose monthly products—both skin care and makeup—to offer at a discounted price to all members.

Reclaiming authority

Skin care facilities can add color analysis service to once again claim their authority as cosmetic experts. There are no expensive machines involved, just color drapes with a gray smock and cap, a mirror, full-spectrum lighting, and a trained color expert and makeup artist. In order to be successful in color analysis training, it’s most effective to become trained with a hands-on approach.

The analysis takes approximately 45 minutes, and a makeup application or lesson follows. It is strongly recommended to take a “before” picture, because the transformation the client will see is just amazing. Having before-and-after images will also increase your cosmetic sales. Pictures speak a thousand words. A picture is taken of the client without makeup before the color analysis is done. Then, an “after” picture is taken once color analysis and makeup is complete, with the color drape around their décolleté. Once the client sees the difference, you will have increased their interest in purchasing the cosmetics that were used to provide them their perfect look.

Color analysis is a great way not only to have an additional service revenue stream, but also to bring in new clients who will hear about the service from clients who have already experienced it, which will increase your clientele. Cosmetic sales will inevitably go up and repeat sales will double. It is a service that will lead clients to return to your skin care facility to repurchase the cosmetic products once they run out. Seasonal looks can also be created, which will increase service and retail revenue.