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The Power of Cosmetic Color Analysis

By: Jaclyn Peresetsky
Posted: May 30, 2014, from the June 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
The Power of Cosmetic Color Analysis

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Create a service that translates your expertise, and is exclusive to the professional beauty industry. This service can be a game-changer for skin care facilities. It helps clients to look and feel their best, and it simply can’t be replicated by any competition: color analysis.

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Each client has a unique skin color that they are born with and, through the color analysis service, a trained professional can identify a unique color ratio, and teach clients to embrace and enhance their skin tone through cosmetics and hair-coloring services. Color analysis, when conducted by a trained professional, provides clients with a custom fit for their makeup—but it’s not the color analysis from the 1980s. That system was a fantastic start, but it was flawed for a few reasons.

First, having the right lighting is critical, because it affects the outcome of the analysis. Second, the original color categories were limited to four seasons, which were just in the warm and cool categories. There are countless skin tones that need to be accounted for, and this provides a challenge when creating or selecting a foundation.

With further research, a solution to these issues was uncovered—a 12-season color analysis system. This system builds upon the original four seasons and accounts for neutral skin tones with smaller amounts of warm or cool present. In my spa, I decided to test the demand for this type of service. If clients are interested in makeup, offering color analysis services will take their basic application to the next level. In order to understand the whole concept of color analysis, each team member must be color analyzed. This gives them the experience that they can then share with clients. In addition, I created a makeup line by collaborating with a private label manufacturer that corresponded with the seasonal tones to make an absolute transformation for the clients; however, this can also be done using existing professional makeup brands.

Color analysis has been the key to unlocking cosmetic sales in my spa. Not only did this increase service sales, but the spa also became a destination point for clients’ cosmetic purchases. They love the fact that their personal color information is on file and a new color palette could be created for them for every season.