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The Power of Cosmetic Color Analysis

By: Jaclyn Peresetsky
Posted: May 30, 2014, from the June 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
The Power of Cosmetic Color Analysis

In 2006 when I opened my spa, there was a big, unanticipated problem. Women weren’t coming to the spa to purchase makeup. Although they were thrilled with the results of their skin care treatments, they weren’t seeing the value of buying their cosmetics in a skin care facility.

Perhaps I was naive back then, because I had been the top salesperson at a cosmetic counter during my college years, which led me to believe makeup sales would be easy at my own spa. I considered a variety of causes. The spa offered all of the usual makeup services, including makeup lessons, creating looks for wedding parties and providing a “dust-off” service after a facial, but those things weren’t creating the demand necessary to meet the forecast for cosmetics sales. Many skin care professionals include cosmetics in with their skin care education, so why are they not getting a larger piece of this revenue?

Clients today have many options for making cosmetic purchases: home makeup parties—otherwise know as direct sales—is a booming industry. This not only hurts spa business in terms of retail sales, but also has devalued skin care professionals’

expertise. The worst part is that clients aren’t getting what they deserve—personalized attention in order to look and feel their best. The cosmetics that a trained esthetician can recommend will be tailored for each client’s specific skin challenges to help make them look and feel their best. So what can owners do to reverse this trend in order to truly help clients achieve the whole look they desire?

Combat competitors

Skin care professionals need to be adamant about re-establishing the role of skin care facilities as the leaders in the beauty industry and restoring the integrity of what they offer clients in terms of cosmetics, which is a level of education and personalized service that is unique to skin care facilities. This message, of course, carries through to skin care services, as well.