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Spring Color Preview 2014: Challenging Conformity

By: Kristen Wegrzyn
Posted: March 1, 2014, from the March 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Baby’s got blue eyes. Blue eye shadow has come out of the ’80s makeup vault. Blues ranging from deep cobalt to sheer seafoam took the stage on the spring runways.4 “Dazzling Blue is a big thing we’re seeing for eyes—we’re doing some color blocking with it,” says Edward. To keep your clients from looking dated, be sure to keep the rest of their makeup neutral and go easy on the liner.4

Get in line

Another way to utilize the blue trend is to apply it as a liner, says Edward. “If you use it as an eyeliner instead of a black, to wing it out a little bit would be fantastic,” he says.

Cornwell notes that blue winged-out liner was heavily present on the spring runways. “A lot of people have, over the years, started using blue, but they tend to use the navy blue. The [Placid Blue] will be a great look for spring on just about any eye color. A lot of people want to use that winged-out liner, and they always think they have to use black because it’s kind of a retro feel, but this puts a great updated twist on what you can create.”

Black and white. Black winged liner was pumped up during Fashion Week: Full-on kohl-rimmed lids kicked the cat’s-eye up a notch.5 On the flip side, saturated, matte white liner (and shadow) were a surprising change of pace on some of the runways, as well.5, 6

Paint it gold

The tarnished metallics trend of the past season has been reincarnated into warm coppers, bronzes and rose golds, which are favored for their complexion-enhancing qualities. According to Roberts: “Lids, lashes and brows offer an ideal canvas for adornment. New leafing techniques and sparkling pigments also introduce popular ways to feature a bit of metallic makeup.”2