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Spring Color Preview 2014: Challenging Conformity

By: Kristen Wegrzyn
Posted: March 1, 2014, from the March 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Full, lush eyebrows are still in. “Brows are very big, brows are important,” says Edward. “As an esthetician knows, the proper shape of a brow can change the whole look of a face. It can make [clients] look tired if it’s not the right shape, or very rested and lifted and can show off the features if you get the right shape to the brow. Defining the brow is very important—it sets the tone for the rest of the face.”

Harold says it’s not all about having perfectly symmetrical brows, but instead, keeping them groomed and filling them in where need be—but letting them stand on their own. “It’s a great frame for these beautiful shadows that we’re seeing—whether they’re the pastels or the more vibrant ones,” she says.

Sheer color washes

On the runways, a sheer wash of pastel eye shadow acted as an spring alternative to the traditional smoky eye.3 “There were light, airy pastels and washes of color that went from the lash line to the brow, which lapped the entire layer around the eye to create a beautiful smoky eye,” says Harold.

“Makeup comes around, and it goes around and it comes back into fashion. Splashes of color were really big—yellows, pinks—it wasn’t overbearing; they were just soft, little splashes on the eyes with tons and tons of mascara and, overall, the looks were very fresh,” says Cornwell. He suggests pairing Celosia Orange on the lips, and a wash of Radiant Orchid on the eyelids.

Harold says monochromatic is the way to go when in doubt. “If you’re taking baby steps or trying something for the first time, instead of putting blue with green with violet—getting wild with it—stick to the tints, tones and shades within that color, and you can’t really go wrong,” she says.