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Spring Color Preview 2014: Challenging Conformity

By: Kristen Wegrzyn
Posted: March 1, 2014, from the March 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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The supply of brightly colored lips have not fallen short during the past few seasons, and this season is no exception—Celosia Orange, according to Roseanna Roberts, director of color trends at The Color Association of the United States, “is introduced as the trend-forward evolution of the ruby pout.”2

“The [Celosia] Orange is a brilliant color … orange is a color that people are afraid of, but looks really good on a lot of skin tones. It’s really about color placement and how you wear it,” says Cornwell. “I think there are so many people that can rock an orange lip … wearing it on the lips is a great way to go with the trends this spring.”

Harold notes that vibrant orange lipstick was the No. 1 trend she observed in her research. “It’s in all color variations of orange, and it’s a super fun one—just a little extra pop of color to counterbalance the pastels and lighter colors,” she says. So many times, Edward says, people are drawn to neutrals, but by keeping cheeks and eyes neutral, and adding an orange or coral, the features will really pop.

Although the orange lip was a top trend on the runway, Vaughan points out that not all clients may be bold enough for a “stop sign on the lips.” She says the trend can be easily translated. “Corals and apricots look amazing on warmer skin tones, and apricots that lean to a slightly pink color look amazing on cooler skin tones,” she suggests.

To lend the orange lip trend an even more natural look, Vaughan recommends turning to a lip stain. “I love the idea of a softer finish on the lips—instead of lining lips with a harsh shape, take a stain on the ring finger and pat it in—it’s much more of a natural look. It’s a softer finish to the shape of the lip, but it’s still a pop of color and, because it’s a stain, it’s buried in the skin versus sitting on top like a lipstick,” she says.

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