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Spring Color Preview 2013: A Blissful Balance

By: Sara Mason
Posted: February 28, 2013, from the March 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Spring 2013 Color Preview

Makeup and hair, Jo Candelaria; photographer, George Favios; and model, Sophie Warner of Vivian's Sydney

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“Monaco Blue is beautiful when worn as eyeliner for deep blue or dark brown eyes,” adds Mee. “It’s also a fabulous color choice for mascara. It is dark enough to enhance the lashes but gives a slightly softer appearance.” Monaco Blue actually will lessen the appearance of tired, red eyes, so it is great for women with allergies or for those mornings following late nights, according to Mee.

Natural style

Try not to force too many new trends onto your clients. “It’s better to make suggestions by introducing one or two new ideas into their everyday look,” says makeup artist Wood. “A slow build is more organic and creates better natural style.” People often mistake what looks good for what’s trendy. “The seasonal palettes are there to serve as inspiration, not as a rule book,” says Lauriat. “You never want to be a slave to them, but they can push us out of our comfort zones and encourage experimentation.” The way to change things up is not to get wild and crazy with a new eye shadow or liner, but to encourage a little change, a slight twist on what your client is already doing. “Consider how the colors and finish will appear on the skin,” says iredale’s Towne. “Not going to extremes is a key element to keeping products versatile.”

People are creatures of habit who develop affinities for certain colors, and just keep going back to the same shades and same products. “Each season, there’s a committee of designers and color theorists who try to push us out of those ruts. That’s where we see the value in these seasonal Pantone palettes,” continues Lauriat.

This spring, there is something for everyone. Lauriat recommends working the spring trend colors into your clients’ looks by taking a consultative approach to color-matching. “Part of your job is to make the client comfortable, but you should also be using your expertise as an artist to encourage clients to try new things,” she says. “Think of yourself as a ‘rut-breaker;’ most clients want to try something new, but makeup is still very intimidating for a lot of women.”

Start with what clients are comfortable wearing. Then, help them choose between a neutral eye and strong lip, or beautiful eye that’s not wildly colored and neutral lip. “It’s up to the wearer,” Katz says. Play with the colors and give your clients permission to also. “Then make it your own; it’s all about personality,” she continues.

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