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Spring Color Preview 2013: A Blissful Balance

By: Sara Mason
Posted: February 28, 2013, from the March 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Spring 2013 Color Preview

Makeup and hair, Jo Candelaria; photographer, George Favios; and model, Sophie Warner of Vivian's Sydney

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Creating a barely-there face means an emphasis on skin care for spring. “The canvas has to be right,” says Bennett. Skin should be assessed properly, and clients need a program that will give them an optimum look so that less foundation or concealer is needed.

He recommends avoiding tinted moisturizers and suggests serums instead of moisturizers. Hyaluronic gel serums or primers prep skin for makeup by pulling moisture from the air for an immediate smoothing effect, while polysaccharides or sugar derivatives hold that moisture in. Silica is another key ingredient for leveling texture and diffusing light.

Katz also recommends using blotting papers to counteract drag from a powder product on top of a creamier product and circumvent caking as the weather warms up. “It’s key to have a flawless look without looking over or under done,” says Katz. With your help, any client can learn how to do it, keeping her looking fresher and much younger.

The more natural stripped-down face means blushes are stronger, however. Katz is seeing a lot of coral and nectarine for naturally warm, but sculpted cheeks. “Find what makes the face a little brighter and go from there,” she recommends. For professional application, apply blush under the cheekbones with a deep, mocha contour under the blush, blending carefully.

Truly nude

Lips will have a rosy tone that emulates lip color to continue the nude look for spring. Bennett recommends taking extra care of the lips, conditioning and exfoliating them well. You can add value to facial treatments or makeup applications by first massaging healing ointment or petroleum jelly onto lips with a baby toothbrush. “By ensuring lips are in good condition, all that’s really needed is balm,” he explains. “The look for spring is not super glossy, but something more satin.” Bennett also recommends a nude lip liner, preferably waterproof, to shape imperfect lips.

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