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Mature Men's Makeover

By: Kathleen Crawford
Posted: November 29, 2012, from the December 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Step 5: As people age, the eyebrows and lashes tend to fade or lighten, which can result in a tired, dull look. Adding a little tinted mascara or brow gel in a color appropriate to the natural hair can give that little pop and restore a youthful look. Use waterproof brown or brown/black mascara on the tips of the upper lashes. Try to stay away from the pure blacks unless the natural hair color is black, because it can look too feminine. Make sure to wipe most of the mascara off onto a tissue before applying so you don’t apply too much or get any clumps. For the eyebrows, use a tinted brow gel and make sure you get right to the root of the hair. Use a spooly brush, and go back and forth lightly over the brows. Try not to apply to every hair in order to keep it looking more natural. Be careful not to use a brow color that has any red tones, because this can end up looking fake. Use varying shades of brown that are slightly more on the green side. Even on red-haired clients, stick with more taupe or golden colors. You can use this on any facial hair as long as you keep it subtle.

Cosmetic products and supplies used in this makeover include Anastasia, faces 4 humanity, Laura Mercier, L’Oréal and Smashbox.

Kathleen Crawford began working as a makeup artist at 22, and her artistry caught the attention of Hollywood producers who have been utilizing her talents for the past 25 years on top-rated television shows, such as House, MD.She’s been the department head makeup artist on more than a dozen episodic and sitcoms, and has provided makeup for A-list celebrities.