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Fall Color Preview 2013: A Multitude of Moods

By: Kristen Wegrzyn
Posted: September 3, 2013, from the September 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

The rich Carafe can be used as an alternative to black around the eyes for an organic, back-to-nature look. Makeup, Donna Mee/; photographer, Gary Lyons; model, Rachele Schank/Women Model Management

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Carafe. The rich brown shade of Carafe can be used as a substitute to black and is a suitable replacement for a daytime eyeliner, says Mee. “It’s also a great go-to color on most brown or blue eyes, but would make a green or hazel eye look less green.”

Deep Lichen Green. Pantone describes Deep Lichen Green as a natural, lush shade. “It’s a great contour shade for hazel or grayish-green eye colors. The muted green is great for adding a touch of color to a neutral, smoky eye,” says Mee. “It’s really pretty on blondes or redheads.”

Emerald. “Most women look great in some shade of green applied as an eye shadow or eyeliner. The coolness of Emerald green is beautiful against more pale, cool complexions,” says Elgueta. Farace suggests applying a splash of the Emerald as an eyeliner to make the eye pop.

Koi. A decorative orange, Koi is “... an excellent color choice for clients who have cooler skin tones, as well as blondes, redheads or strawberry blondes,” says Mee. Although Koi can be a bit too intense when worn as eye shadow alone, Mee suggests sheering it down or pairing it with a golden-brown contour eye shadow. “It looks best if you put just a hint of the Koi faded to the outer edge of the darker neutral shade … it’s really pretty on a blue eye,” she adds. Farace recalls that an orange lip was a huge trend during the summer season, but it’s being carried into fall. She recommends sheering Koi down with a gloss if the highly pigmented color is too bold for a client.

Linden Green. Linden Green offers a change from the deep shades trending for fall, and is described by Pantone as bringing a lightness and brightness to the palette. “It’s a subtle color—great as an eye shadow on a green or muted blue-green eye. It works nice when it’s applied in a sheer shade, specifically in a shimmer on the center of the lower lid,” says Mee. Elgueta adds that, because the shade has a yellow influence, it is best suited on medium-to-dark complexions.