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Biology Backs Up the Need to Look Good

Posted: April 12, 2010
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Wrinkles and fine lines might not be worth losing beauty sleep over. The geometry of your face will likely give away your age long before anyone notices crow's feet, researchers are finding.

One feature that skews face geometry lies right on center stage: the nose. While most facial features finish growing shortly after adolescence, the nose (and ears) never gets the memo. A large schnoz in relation to the rest of the face is often a sign of an older person. Of course, ethnicity can also determine relative nose size.

But if you're not interested in growing old gracefully, using a contour brush to shrink your beak may have a bigger impact on your appearance than an expensive wrinkle cream.

The eyes have it

Studies have shown that not only do the eyes see, they demand to be seen&mdash a trait possibly unique to humans. So you may be able to drown out the nose's announcement of your age by amplifying the eyes. Large eyes, in particular, have long been associated with faces that look young, even "babyish."