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Biology Backs Up the Need to Look Good

Posted: April 12, 2010
Four crushed eye shadows in different colors

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If you are trying to look healthier, foundation and face powders may be most important. If masking your age is your priority, mascara and a little nose shading may be a better bet than wrinkle creams. And if luring in a lover is your goal, you may want to amplify sex-specific traits, such as lush lips or sultry eyes.

Sign of health

A uniform skin tone can be a sign of health, Fink said, and attempts to hide sacks of fatigue under your eyes or a distracting blemish could also win points in the health category. This likely explains the popularity of foundations, concealers and skin care products among both men and women.

At more than $13 billion dollars, foundation and similar makeup products formed the lion's share of the global color cosmetics market in 2008. And the popularity of men's skin care products are expected to continue growing in the United States no matter the economy, reported Euromonitor International in 2009.

Wrinkle reality