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Sheer Delight

By: Abby Penning
Posted: February 24, 2010, from the March 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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“Lots of people like to get a little more fashionable on the eye,” Santucci notes. “For spring, pastels are featured, and they are worn more easily in a sheer mineral formula. There are also more of the greens, lavenders, and even oranges and yellows. The key is to make it sheer, and use pops of intense color within overall washes that aren’t going to be overpowering.”

If a client wants to stick with one distinct shade or color palette, there are a couple of top colors popping up. “I think women should find a great green eye shadow that works for them, whether it is a warm or cool tone,” Berry says. “Even if they just try it on the outer edge of the lid, just a hint of it that’s very subtle can give the eye such a great allure and sparkle.” Additionally, Corey notes, “Purple is still popular from the fall, but now it’s a brighter, lighter version of lavender. Everything is going on sheer.”

There is still the opportunity to have some fun with the spring eye hues. “Eyes are seeing bright colors, such as blues and greens, being given a smoky touch,” comments Scott. “There is bolder eye liner along the bottom of the eye, and it’s extending out past the natural line a bit for a more elongated look. I’ve also seen a lot of bright colors, not just on the lid, but also extending toward the highlight, brow bone area. Going for the bold, dark color needs good blending though, to make sure it’s a seamless look.” And Corey says, “People are creating the smudgy, smoky eye, but now with brighter colors. I’ve seen green, teal and even some yellow.”

Additionally, makeup professionals note the need to create a great eye frame, and Katz suggests complementing any good eye makeup look with well-groomed brows. “You can fill in brows with brow powder for a soft balance,” she says, and Campbell also extols the virtues of a well-crafted brow. “A cappuccino shade is great for the brows, to help clean them up and define the eye. If you have a well-defined and -shaped brow, that enhances the eye and the eye color.”

Finally, Campbell also sees the emergence of mascara as a makeup heavy-hitter. “Not everyone always wants to wear black, so colors in mascara are taking off again—espresso, plum, navy and slate gray. It should act as an accent to eye color, and it can really help soften a look,” she says.