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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Hued

By Alphonse Wiebelt
Posted: May 23, 2007, from the June 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Control from the beginning
        Define what each application will entail right away. By setting up simple guidelines, you’ll know from the beginning what to expect from clients, and they’ll know what to expect from you. Streamline the menu options with two basic makeup services: the special occasion application and the beautiful bride application.

       Special occasion. The special occasion makeup application should be a service that runs about 50–60 minutes in length and costs anywhere from $55–85, or about the same as would be charged for a basic facial. It is an ideal package to be marketed to members of a bridal party, as it offers a flawless, professional makeup application on the wedding day, and can be easily added onto with extras. The extras can provide the clients with unique touches such as their own lip colors or glosses, at a value of $18–25, to use for touch-ups throughout the event.

       Beautiful bride. For the beautiful bride application, develop a twofold, all-inclusive package of two 50–60-minute appointments—one trial run and the actual wedding day application. The cost should be about double the cost of one 50-minute package, approximately $110–170. Great add-ons can include digital or instant photo shots taken during the trial run so the bride has a photo of her bridal makeup, and another can be kept by the makeup artist, along with a documented face chart, for use at the second part of the bride’s appointment. Lipstick and gloss for touch-ups can be included here, as well.
      Making it work. On the day of the bride’s trial run application; request that she wear a blouse that is the same shade as her dress. Button-down shirts work best in order to manipulate the neckline. If her hair will be worn up on the big day, then have her pull her hair back. Facials and waxing are also great add-on services for wedding parties and should be recommended at least one week before the wedding day.
        On the day of her wedding application, work with the bride in a private room—no friends, bridesmaids or moms allowed. Keep the conversation to a minimum, as this may be her last moment to relax. Serve tea or water to keep her hydrated—leave the champagne for the reception. Always allow an hour for this application, even though it may take half the time of the trial run, as there is always the possibility of a last-minute delay: traffic, the hair stylist running late, or any other last-minute hiccups in the plan.
        When booking the bride and her bridesmaids, schedule the bride as the second-to-last appointment in her party and the maid of honor or the mother of the bride before her. This way, the bride’s makeup will be as fresh as possible and she still will have time to get into her gown, with the maid of honor or the mother of the bride available to help her.

Capture and intensify
        On her special day, help the bride understand that her makeup will need to be more defined than her typical day-to-day application. Do remember that this is not the day to try a new makeup trend or do a makeover. When she looks into the mirror, she needs to feel like herself, comfortable and beautiful. If her daily style of wearing eye makeup consists of a few neutral shades, do not give her a dramatic smoky eye, or if she only usually wears sheer lip gloss, do not apply a red lipstick. If, on the other hand, she naturally is more dramatic with her style of makeup, balance the application to her style.

Complexion perfection
        Perfecting the bride’s complexion is the first essential step to getting her flashbulb fabulous and ready to walk down the aisle. The following tips for proper hydration and toning will take just 5–10 minutes and help her skin become picture perfect. Necessary supplies include lightweight eye creams and moisturizers, treatment oils for dryer skin types, eye gels and oil-free hydrator for oilier skin types, eye shadow primer, concealer, mineral foundation, hydrating mist, sponges and makeup puffs.