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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Hued

By Alphonse Wiebelt
Posted: May 23, 2007, from the June 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

When providing services for brides, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride, special occasion makeup application is an important and

A Classic Application

With the skin now glowing and radiantly ready, this step-by-step guide leads you through the makeup application, with methods to make sure the bride will look classically and serenely beautiful as she walks down the aisle.

Length of application: 45–60 minutes. (5 minutes for pre-application consultation, 25–40 minutes for makeup application and 10-15 minutes for closing the experience)

Supplies needed:
Instructional face chart
Eye shadows in pearlized white, shimmery pink and matte plum-brown
Charcoal or navy eye liner
Black mascara
Neutral blush or bronzer
Pink blush
Lip liner
Lip color in a berry to pink shade
Lip gloss
Soft focus reflective powder
False eyelashes and glue (optional)

Equipment needed:
Digital or instant photo camera
Eye shadow brushes, particularly an angled, a blending and a watercolor-style
Eyelash curler
Powder blush brush

Step 1: Press a soft, white pearl eye shadow under the eyebrow to highlight, and then blend downward using the flat side of an eye shadow brush.
Step 2: Press a soft pink shimmer eye shadow across the eyelid to brighten the eyelid using a small angled eye shadow brush.
Step 3: Glide a matte plum-brown eye shadow over the eye contour to create dimension using a soft, watercolor-style brush. Blend from where eye shadows begin, and end using a soft blending brush.
Step 4: Define the eye with a charcoal eye liner along the lash line. Keep the bottom liner very soft. Curl lashes and follow with black mascara.
Step 5: Enhance the eyebrows to balance and frame the eye.
Step 6: Glide a neutral blush shade or bronzer along the cheekbones, hairline and jawline to contour and add dimension using a powder blush brush.
Step 7: Apply a soft pink blush over the apples of the cheeks using a powder blush brush.
Step 8: Apply lip color.
Step 9: Highlight under the eyebrows and along the top of the cheekbones using a soft-focus reflective power and a soft brush to finish the look.

necessary menu item to offer. It is not only a revenue opportunity but also a viable way to service existing loyal clientele and build new clients alike.
        The day of the actual application always brings the most common challenges, from juggling the wedding party at a busy day at the spa to keeping the bride from looking washed-out in pictures yet not overly made-up for the reception, and even to deciding between pale lips versus dark lips. Here are a few tips and tricks that have saved more than a few makeup artists on the big day.