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The Brilliance of Autumn

By: Abby Penning
Posted: August 26, 2009, from the September 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
woman with fall makeup look

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Multiple shadows and shades aren’t always necessary for a bold, sought-after eye, however. “You don’t have to have three separate eye shadows to get a three eye shadow-look,” says Berry. “With just one shadow, you can apply a base loosely with a large brush. Then, with the same color and using a small brush, you can create some contouring along the brow bone and in the crease. Next, you can wet that same shadow to use as a liner, applying it along the lash line with a very fine brush.”

Frey also suggests refreshing eyes after a long workday, saying, “A shadow or liner color’s intensity is really what changes from day to night in makeup, and to make sure your eye makeup doesn’t get washed out, an eye liner sealer can be used. It can help intensify the same color from a more work look to an evening one while still using the same shades.”

Jeweled lips

Full and vibrant for autumn, lips are getting an infusion of color courtesy of shades such as pinks touched with rose and orange, nutmeg-tinged copper and the stalwart red. “I love red lips,” says Berry. “Vibrant, bright colors on the lips have been trying to sneak in since about 2002, and American women really hadn’t been buying it, but more and more, they are coming around. Nothing is more than attractive than red lips, and it doesn’t have to be fire-engine red, but just some good, bright color.” With cooler hues prevailing on the eyes, the mouth is a feature on the face that can harbor warmer color. For example, a bold rose red color is something Eiseman is also enjoying this fall. “It’s not a bright cherry red, but a more vibrant, rosy hue. It’s a great color coming into the holidays,” she explains, calling it a happy marriage of pink and red. Additionally, she notes, “It’s really flattering next to the skin.”

Seeing a quieter side of autumn’s lips, Campbell says the metallics will also be moving down from the lids to the mouth, but in a more lip-appropriate, warmer tone. “With the blues, silvers and metallics on the eyes, a great nutmeg, coppery lip gloss gives the lips just the right glittery sheen with a touch of smooth color,” she explains. However, she notes, “You can do a more dramatic lip too, maybe a really deep berry, to pair with really silvery-sheen eyes.”

Pairing the right lip color with the right eye color is really the target to hit this fall, with some of the best matches being the hues opposite each other on the color wheel. Eiseman suggests a more goldenly pink hue on the lips to match eyes in deeper purple, or going with a rose red to match with iron gray-shaded lids.