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Changing Faces and Healing Souls

By: Christine Heathman
Posted: April 28, 2009, from the May 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
burn camouflage application

The second-degree burn on the left side of the face is no longer visible after an application of camouflage makeup.

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The selection of proper color in camouflage is imperative. If you apply too light a color to a dark skin, it will appear ashy; conversely, an incorrect selection affixed to a light skin will look like a mask. Having a wide range of colors provides a more accurate application to address these needs.

A return to normalcy

Skin trauma has many sources: aging, acne, burns, injury, birthmarks, dermatological, post-operative scarring and swelling. Metamorphic makeup therapy is an important and valuable asset needed to reduce the negative effects caused by these conditions. In addition, it has also become an integral remedy for injectable procedures to minimize the bruising that often accompanies several facial fillers.

Whatever the cause, patients with traumatized skin require more than pain management and time to heal; they need to be a part of society without experiencing ridicule. Camouflage makeup therapy is one solution to resolve the appearance of these conditions and assist the individual in moving forward and taking back control of their life. It is empowering. Identity rehabilitation using camouflage therapy is one step towards returning a patient to normalcy ... and what an important step!