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Makeup Grows Up

By: Abby Penning
Posted: April 28, 2009, from the May 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Of course, one of the greatest challenges in creating a pretty pout on a mature client can be the fine lines that develop around the mouth. “Be very careful when lining lips,” Murphy notes. “Many women do tend to get those vertical lines around the mouth, so you want to make sure the lining is nice and straight.” To counteract any lining issues, Christalee counts on her tools and products. “Lip liners can be soft enough that they are really easy to apply and don’t pull on the skin,” she says. “And if you fill in the whole lip with liner, any lipstick you apply will stay on much longer.”

Makeup applications often then top off with a swipe of lip gloss, but be prepared to follow your client’s lead on whether she wants to include this shiny addition. “Many mature women look fabulous with a bolder or darker lip color,” says Wolcott. “I definitely would line the entire lip with a liner that matches or is slightly darker than their natural lip color—this will help hold the lip color and prevent bleeding into any fine lines around the mouth—and I don’t typically add too much shine or gloss.”

Bringing all the elements together, Kennedy says, “I do tend to use less neutral lip gloss for an older client—they usually need deeper tones for their lips to be really defined. I’ll use the lip pencil or crayon on the actual lip too, so the color stays on longer. Then, once the lips are defined and I’ve applied lipstick, I finish with just a little gloss so the lips look dewy.”

Makeup work

Providing clients with a friendly, inviting atmosphere where they can come with makeup questions and requests is also essential and helps set the stage for great cosmetics retail options. Kennedy explains at spa-dee-dah!, clients are encouraged to be curious about their cosmetic selections. “Clients can come in and play with the makeup,” she says. “We let them try it before buying it, so they can see how to best get the results they prefer. We have mothers bringing their teens in so they can learn good makeup habits from the start.”

Remembering individual tastes is another paramount lesson, because a woman uncomfortable in her makeup contradicts the whole purpose. “The idea is to mix and match for the individual person,” Kennedy says, and Wolcott notes, “I think it’s helpful for all women to include a little mineral makeup as part of their daily skin care routine. It does not take much at all to brighten the skin and accentuate the best features. With a little assistance, if needed, women can easily incorporate a beautiful look that fits into their everyday skin care routine.”