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Recession-proof Makeup

By: Emily Katz
Posted: March 27, 2009, from the April 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
girl with neutral makeup job

A makeup application created by author Emily Katz. Photographer: C. Paige DePonte

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Blush. Cream blushes often make good lip colors. If your client prefers a cream blush, look for those that complement both her cheeks and lip tone, and advise her to use it. Some companies have compacts that have a glossier color in them to enhance the cheek and lip color. If she’s a powder blush girl, find a color that works with her skin but is not too red. With this, you can accomplish a sweep of eye shadow-like enhancement on the lids. Bronzer is great for this, too.

Eyes and lips

It is important to remember to not use lip products around the eyes, unless such use is specifically indicated as safe by the manufacturer. There are certain iron oxides, pigments and base carriers that are not OK to use around the eyes. But eye liners and shadows can be safely used on the lips.

Eye liner. Find one that your client will use all the time—be it gray, brown, black, green-brown—whatever it is, you can always supplement it with other colors now or later, but find that one that works no matter what. If it will be useful as her brow color, too—this doesn’t happen often, but it does once in awhile—then you have another multiuse item.

Eye shadow. Keep it simple at first and help your client identify a few colors that are really great for her face, skin, eyes and hair. Choose a light, medium and dark option; she won’t need a lot of colors, just ones that she loves. Wet the dark one, or any of the colors, and use it as eyeliner. Then add a couple for nighttime boosters, such as shimmers, brights and darks. Eye shadows are sometimes even good blush colors. Find one your client likes and see if it works.

Mascara. For many women, a lash curler is a must, and for those who get the under-eye mascara drips, a sealant is as well—it’ll save your client a world of hurt and result in less touchup time. Some mascara sealers, put on after mascara, keep the look fresh longer and the mascara in place, which is well worth the investment. Sealants can also be mixed with a powder shadow to make a soft liquidlike liner that will have staying power. She may want to save money, but time is a valuable asset, too. Remember, for safety, mascaras need to be tossed after two to three months at most.