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Approachable Beauty

By: Abby Penning
Posted: February 26, 2009, from the March 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
beautiful model with makeup

Going green with washes of color on the lids and lining below the lashes gives the eyes a standout quality, while pale pink glossed lips and cheekbone-defining blush keep things light and springtime fresh. Makeup by jane iredale.

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The key is, even if things are tough and makeup’s colors seem mismatched to the mood of the country and client, these brilliant hues are actually what you can look to for inspiration. “If the colors are dismal, they can lead to being more depressed, so maybe it’s the time to wear something with color to make yourself feel better,” Eiseman suggests. “You can’t ignore what’s going on, but you find ways to keep your spirits up, and colorful cosmetics can definitely help with that.”

A springtime frolic

“It used to be hard to get women out of their makeup comfort zone, but more and more are having fun with it and taking it less seriously,” Mendelson says.

Now is the time to enjoy brilliant colors, because you never know when they’ll be coming back around. “Sometimes there isn’t as much color to play with in the spring—the colors usually get softer and paler—but there are so many hues this season; it’s a lot of fun to be able to keep playing with them a little longer,” Corey says. That leaves potential for women to find something perfect. Wiebelt says, “A woman should experiment and try all the colors until she finds one that makes her feel her most powerful and confident.”

Makeup isn’t something to be afraid of—it’s something to look forward to wearing to help lighten your mood, says Luque. “It’s still OK to do glamorous makeup for spring,” he notes. “Just because things are a little more serious—because of the economy’s influence and such—doesn’t mean makeup isn’t still there to have fun with.” Whether that means indulging in a wine-hued mascara, gold-flecked lip gloss or beautiful new bronzer, tight times and the rebirth that comes with spring can be a boon to makeup offerings. “Get out of the ordinary,” Eiseman urges. “That’s the beauty of cosmetics. You can try new colors in accents and touches, and it helps create a bridge to using more of that exciting color. And the spring is really the best season to try something new.”