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Approachable Beauty

By: Abby Penning
Posted: February 26, 2009, from the March 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
beautiful model with makeup

Going green with washes of color on the lids and lining below the lashes gives the eyes a standout quality, while pale pink glossed lips and cheekbone-defining blush keep things light and springtime fresh. Makeup by jane iredale.

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Getting the perfect skin palette can be tricky if the complexion is a little rough, but a quality foundation should help you get there. “Of course, a good foundation is a great base for skin and makeup,” says Mendelson. “If you get the skin right, everything else will fall into place, and right now, we are living in the golden age of skin and skin care. A foundation that has a quality SPF and is water-resistant can really help you get that Nicole Kidmanesque flawless look without being chalky.” Touching up the areas that need extra attention is also sometimes necessary. Wiebelt says, “Conceal under the eyes, around the nose and the mouth to keep a clear-looking complexion when wearing spring’s bold statement hues.” Once a flawless finish has been perfected, it’s also important to urge clients to pay attention to the proper upkeep.

Recommend regular visits to the esthetician in order to keep up skin maintenance, as well as home care tips that can also keep skin lustrous in between appointments, Luque says. “Using a good scrub or microdermabrasion treatment can really help keep skin polished, healthy and glowing,” he explains. “And a good moisturizer and sunscreen keep the skin protected against environmental factors.” With the fabulous background healthy, fresh skin can offer, cosmetics are really just icing on the cake.

Make it work

If you think creating a cohesive look with this season’s bold colors seems to present a bit of a challenge, there are a few tricks you can use to help any makeup look magnificent. One is balancing the face using opposite colors on different features. “There’s more of a use of complementary colors together—those colors across the wheel from each other,” says Eiseman. “Experiment with opposite colors, blues and purples with the yellows and oranges. For example, if you have purplish lipstick, you can do gold gilding on the lashes, or if your eyes have lavender touches, you can have more of a warm-based color on the lips.”

And being bold gives spring’s typically lighter fare a little weight. “With the colors being darker, it’s sexy,” says Corey. “There’s a lot of color on the eyes, and it’s more color than you would think of for spring. It’s not the typical soft, bright colors, but ones that are richer and stronger.”

Moving into deeper looks that can take advantage of evening light, Mendelson recommends working in layers. “You may venture into a smokier eye or a liquid eye liner, add some sheen to the lips and a deeper blush of color on the cheeks. It’s almost like accessorizing with a scarf and jewelry—you should add shimmer and highlight,” he explains. “You can layer a neutral shimmer or gold wash over stronger colors to give that extra something. Mixing shimmer with gloss also helps reflect light, and using a light highlighting product on the inside corners of the eyes really gives them a lift.” This trick of highlighter in the inner eye corners can add another eight hours to the face, he notes.