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Eye on Brows

By: Marvin Westmore
Posted: June 25, 2008, from the January 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Balanced and symmetrical eyebrows consist of a natural, yet fashionable, shape that opens the eyes and helps to create a vision of beauty. The classic eyebrow shape transcends fads, trends and momentary fashion because it enhances all of a woman’s facial features. When creating this type of brow, there are three basic elements to consider: balance and symmetry, design and shape, and color and maintenance.

Balance and symmetry. The face and its features—including the mouth, eyes and eyebrows—never are balanced symmetrically. While attempting to achieve a beautiful brow, it is important to bring all of the features into balance with each other in order to produce a proportioned look. The eyebrows are the most visible facial feature in which imbalance and asymmetry are apparent. Because we draw attention to our brows repeatedly by using them to add emphasis in conversation or for expression, it is important that they remain as realistically symmetrical as possible, providing maximum facial beauty and nonverbal communication capabilities.

In achieving balance and symmetry for the eyebrows, you should follow these basic rules.

1. Starting point. Where should the brows start? Are they too close together or too far apart? If the eyebrows are too far apart, the end of the nose appears pinched. If the brows are too close together, it creates a masculine look and a slight frown, and the end of the nose appears larger than it is.

2. Arching. Where should the brows arch? Should each brow arch toward the inside of the eye, or should they arch exactly over the center of the eye? If the height of the arches is too close to the nose, it gives the appearance of a sad, dissatisfied or angry look. With the height of the arches exactly over the center of the eyes, it gives a tight or pinched look to the middle of the face.