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Eye Know-How

By: Noreen Young
Posted: June 23, 2008, from the May 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Step 1: First, apply eye cream or gel, depending on the client’s skin type. If she is really dehydrated or has a lot of puffiness, offer an eye mask treatment initially in order to prep the eyes for color.

Step 2: After prepping with treatment, apply a concealer around the eyes, not just underneath them. Doing this opens up the eyes and evens out the complexion, enabling makeup to glide on during application and to last longer.

Step 3: At this time, begin with the actual shade. Prompt the client to look in a hand-held magnifying mirror and watch as you place one color all over the eyelids with an eye shadow brush. Sweep a light or medium highlighting color from side to side over the lids. Another option is using the finger method—applying one color over the lids with the ring finger.

Step 4: Next, show the client how to apply eye liner. You can make it out of any type of eye shadow. This is a great trick for those who live in humid locations and for people who work on computers or rub their eyes a lot. With an angled soft-yet-stiff detail brush, apply some eye liner sealer. Next, dip it into a medium or dark shade, and apply on the lids where you would place eye liner. An eyeliner pencil or liquid eye liner can be used, as well.

Step 5: To make your clients’ eyelashes appear even longer and lusher, use a brow conditioner—it lifts the lashes and also helps prevent them from drying out.